Walt Disney´s Shares Keeps Falling Even After Star Wars

Walt Disney Company’s shares slumped as much as 3.6 percent to $108.01 on Friday as BTIG became the only brokerage among 33 to rate the stock “sell”. Though the latest Star Wars movie gains enormous success, shares of the Burbank company were down more than 3% a day after the debut of the company’s hoped-for this blockbuster.

Most media company stocks fall in midday trading Friday as part of a wider sell-off in the market, but Disney’s losses outpaced its rivals.

BTIG holds the view that the”Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” would help Disney “modestly” top earnings estimates in 2016, but said consensus estimates were “too high” for 2017 and “far too high” for 2018.  Greenfield said on CNBC

Our problem is not 2016 … our problem is that we don’t think they have significant growth from there forward.


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