The Nature Of Islamic Art

Islamic art is a modern concept that describes the arts produced in the lands where Islam was the dominant religion. It not only portrays the Islamic faith but also depicts the art and architecture historically produced in the lands ruled by Muslims.

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The good reference of Islamic art goes back to the artists who had worked under Byzantine or Sasanian patronage. The first example of Islamic art reflects the combination of classical and Iranic decorative themes and motifs. The nice examples of Islamic arts are

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem clearly depicts the Islamic faith blending Greco-Roman, Byzantine and Sasanian elements.

The period of Umayyad Caliphate is considered as the most productive and formative period in Islamic art.

Islam is called the complete code of life. As a result, Islam cherished the development of a distinctive culture with its own aesthetic language. Islamic art has always obtained its intrinsic and unique quality. The four basic components of Islamic art are


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