The Making Of The First Arabic Animation Movie

Bilal is the first full-length animation movie produced by Dubai-based animation  studio Barajoun. The film is scheduled to be released internationally in Q1 2016, and soon can be followed on the online buy ZaapTV alternative IPTV box in USA.

Barajoun is the first animation studio in the Middle East that can handle a complete production right from the beginning to the final rendering. The closest animation studio to us is in India”.

The Arabic movie is about a true story of an African slave who lived in the region 1,400 years ago. The film encapsulates Bilal’s journey from despair to hope, as he grows from a child into a young man, and how he frees himself the clutches of slavery.

The idea of doing an animation was to deliver the message to teens and to make it make universal the film is entirely in English.

The film has 10 main characters and more than 80 secondary characters. The animators of the film are from 24 different countries who have a lot of experience in this field. Many animators of Bilal have worked with International team like Finding Nemo, The Matrix and 300.

The studio has 85 HP high-performance workstations Dream Cloud software, IPS monitors and cintiq tablets. After animated one shot, it is handed to different departments like the simulation department takes over to create hair or fur sim while the lighting department assembles the shots.

Bilal is now in post production and is carried out at Parkrod, New Zealand which is the part of Peter Jacksons’s group that produced Hollywood Blockbusters such as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and The Adventures of Tintin.


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