The Future Of TV And Changing Viewing Habits

The TV industries has struggled to adapt their business model to change the viewing habits of the viewers. A recent report shows that an average of 14 million people viewed the show  The X Factor in 2010 but recent episodes have managed just 5.6 million, which newspapers are describing as a disaster. Simon Cowell, Brash UK television presenter, believes that the millions of viewers who don’t sit down to watch each episode at its allocated timeslot of 8pm on Saturdays, they  watch it later on iPads, playback services or other channels, or record it for when they are free. He told to  Radio Times in October

There is no question of a doubt… people are definitely changing their viewing habits. We are adding two or three million on the week’s figures, which is taking us up to 9½ [million], which in this day and age is a miracle.

According to him,as their are different viewing formats, people are constantly changing their viewing source. They are viewing the shows though they use different sources.

Besides the changes in viewing habits, the TV devices is also changing. Now you can get an cheap price IPTV box without subscription or monthly fees very cheap.

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