The Best Indian Web Series

India is very popular for its TV soaps specially for Hindi TV series. In 2015, the web series formula arrived in India and it got tremendous popularity.  With the great emergence and use of Internet, people are now free to express their thoughts and feelings using social sharing or video upload platform.

As a result, low budget series has become a great source of pleasure for both the creators and its viewers.  You can check the following Indian web series that are really interesting. It is also possible to watch them in Indian IPTV boxes like Indian/Urdu IPTV box (Desi TV channels) or ZaapTV. But of course, the best way to watch them is a multiroom (watch in different rooms) TV box.

  1. Bring On The Night
    It is a bilingual ( English, Hindi) web series that depicts the lives and struggles of a young entrepreneur and his friends who converts a dilapated 200-year-old heritage building in Mumbai into an all-night club.

  2. Every Indian Husband
    It is a nice Indian web series that has more than 7,31,660 subscribers. It highlights the life of urban youth and current affairs through humor.

  3. Bad Indian
    The web series is made in America and from a female perspective, it focuses the life of Indian Americans who struggle to maintain both Indian roots and culture and modernity in America.Producer Janaki Tambe says

    It’s not something you get to see on mainstream TV, and growing up, it was sometimes an isolating experience. I wanted a way to bring this community together.

  4. Pitchers
    One of the best written, edited and directed web series by The Viral Fever Videos (TVF), Pitcher portrays the story of four friends who want to establish a start up business inspite of family pressure for a static job, and scarce funding.

  5. Happy to be Single
    This bilingual (Tamil, English) comedy web series is the first South Indian attempt that presents the romantic life of a bunch of friends in Chennai.

  6. Writer’s Block
    It is a comedy web series that tells about the characters that want to be writers and has faced a lot of problems.

  7. Permanent Roommates
    It is regarded as one of the best romantic and realistic web series that tells the story of a  couple who are in a long distance relationship.