Salman Khan’s Floating Birthday Cake

Salman Khan is famous for his lavish lifestyle. In his last birthday, the birthday cake costs only RS 1 lakh. The party was full of stars but among them, the cake was also  shining like a big star. The cake was made in 2 days on a special request by Salman’s sister Arpita. This anti-gravity or floating cake was the star on the evening of India’s biggest superstar’s birthday.

Arpita Khan Sharma ordered  for the cake a week before his birthday .She wanted something extravagant and totally new. The team of the talented  chef came with many ideas  and finally decided to make an anti-gravity cube cake that is inspired by GT cakes. The cake has an internal structure which is made  out of metal and wood and   balances the entire cake on itself. Finally, in the great day Salman Khan cut the floating cake and celebrated his birthday with pomp and luxury.

Salman Khan is a popular Indian personality, and his shows are broadcasted by our Indian/Desi IPTV channel box actor and producer.