Salman Khan Launches E-commerce Business In His 50th Birthday

Salman Khan launches e-commerce business named in his 50th birthday on December 27. The famous has given a full page advertisement in the papers suggesting his fans to subscribe the site so that they can get return gift. In twitter, he told

A gift for my fans Register now for a special treat and lots more to come.

In the website, he gives the message

Hello, namaste, sat sri akal, kem chho, wanakam, and as salaam aleikum. Welcome to KHAN MARKET ONLINE. This market is one of a kind.

Just like you. And that’s why this is JUST FOR YOU.

His another attempt Being Human had become incredibly successful. In Delhi, Khan Market Traders Association , the 65 year old with 150 shops and 35 restaurants, is very popular over years and now they are planing to sue the actor legally for using their brand name. However, Salman fans are eagerly waiting for the new attempt of one of the dominant Khans.

Still now, the information regarding the products that will be sold are not found though we can accept something special.

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