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Easybox Maximus is fully packed with more than 1000 live TV channels from all over the world. Whether you want to watch Arabic movies or American sports, you’ll find them in Easybox Maximus.

.تمتع بمشاهدة اكثر من 1000 قناه عربيه و وأمريكا والإنجليزية و الفرنسية من قنواتك المفضلة بدقة عالية الوضوح .  أفضل خدمة للبث التلفزيوني عبر شبكة الانترنت

يمكنك أن ترى أيضا

  • ■ Bein Sports HD
  • ■ OSN HD
  • ■ MBC HD

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Product Description

Easybox Maximus is fully packed with more than 1000 live TV channels from all over the world. Whether you want to watch Arabic movies or American sports, you’ll find them in Easybox Maximus.

.تمتع بمشاهدة اكثر من 1000 قناه عربيه و وأمريكا والإنجليزية و الفرنسية من قنواتك المفضلة بدقة عالية الوضوح .  أفضل خدمة للبث التلفزيوني عبر شبكة الانترنت

يمكنك أن ترى أيضا

  • ■ Bein Sports HD
  • ■ OSN HD
  • ■ MBC HD

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Always Stable

With the Easybox Maximus, you’ll enjoy rapid zapping and will experience no lag when switching between channels. Unlike other IPTV boxes, the Easybox does not have any buffering whatsoever! Experience the best Arabic TV channels and American sports programming with the Maximus, without lag, buffering or crashes.

Ease Of Use

Installing the Easybox Maximus IPTV is straightforward and easy! Just plug in the power cord, connect the LAN cable (you can also connect it to your Wifi) and connect the box to your television with an HDMI cord. Now you can start watching TV

With the Maximus IPTV, you’ll be able to access thousands of channels instantly. Only thing that is needed is access to a 2 Mbps  Internet connection. Some HD channels requires 5 Mbps internet speed.


Reasons To Buy The Easybox Maximus IPTV

  • Beautiful picture quality and many HD channels
  • Faster zapping than other IPTV boxes, No buffering
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Access over 1,000 channels, such as Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Indian Pakistanian, Bengali, Persian, Afghan, African, German, French, Italian, English, American, Spanish, Portoguese, Russian TV channels.
  • Time shift
  • Google play store, it comes pre-installed with Kodi, Youtube, Facebook, Shahed, Netflix
  • EPG (Electronic program guide)
  • Catchup (watch recorded programs)
  • Create/edit your favorite list
  • NEW – Record on an USB. Record an upcoming program by selecting in EPG menu.

Highly Rated By Customers

The Easybox Maximus IPTV has become one of the top sellers on eBay and Amazon. Previous customers were incredibly satisfied and they’ve helped to make the Maximus one of the must-have Arabic IPTV box of the year!

Extremely Affordable

With your purchase of the Easybox Maximus, you will receive a 1-year subscription. At the end of the first year and thereafter, you will need to recharge your account, by paying $140/year if you want all the channels or $100 / year without Bein Sports HD.


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Channel List


Arabic Channels

2M Maroc Alhayat We Al Nas Fox Movies
2M Monde Alhurra France 24 OSN FIRST HD
4SHbab Alkahera France 24 Arabic OSN Food Network
ABC Cinema Almasrawia Aflam France 24 English OSN Movies HD
Abu Dhabi Al Oula Almoled Fujairah TV OSN Movies Kids
Abu Dhabi Drama Alnas Funoon TV OSN Nat Geo Wild
Abu Dhabi Kids Alrai TV Future TV International OSN Nickelodeon
Abu Dhabi Nat Geo Altaghier Gali Kurdistan TV OSN Sky News
Abu Dhabi Sports Althanya Gear One OSN Sports 1
Abu Dhabi Sports 2 Altohamy Hannibal OSN Sports 2
AD Al Emarat HD Alwatan DZ Hawas TV OSN W Network
Addar TV Amjad TV Heya TV OSN YaHala
Addounia Amozhgary TV Hollywood Hindi OTV Lebanon
Aden ANB – Arabic News Broadcast Hona Alquds olpalestine Live
Aghanina ANN Hona BagHdad Panorama Cinema
Ahl Al Bayt ANNAJAF Huda TV Panorama Comedy
Ajial Arabica TV iFilm Panorama Drama
AJM Masr Arryadia iFilm Arabic Panorama Drama 2
Ajman TV ART Aflam 1 iFilm English Panorama Film
AL Adjwa ART Aflam 2 Imagine Movies Payam TV
Al Ahd ART Cinema Imam Hassan Play Aflam
Al Ahed 2 ART Hekayat 1 Imam Hussein 2 Press TV
Al Ahly Club ART Hekayat 2 Iqraa TV Qatar Today
Al Ahvaz TV Ashrooq Tv Iraq Future TV Qatar TV
Al Alam Attessia TV Iraq TV HD Quran TV
Al Anbar Azhari Iraqia TV Rak TV
Al Anwar 1 B4U Aflam IRIB TV2 Resalat Al Islam
Al Anwar 2 B4U Plus Ishtar TV Rotana Cinema EGY
Al Aoula Inter Baghdad Hona Jeem SD Rotana Cinema KSA
Al Aqila TV Baghdad TV Jordan Rotana Classic
Al Arabiya Bahrain TV Jordan Sport Rotana Clip
Al Arabiya Alhadath Baraem Jordan TV Rotana Khalijiah
Al Awhad TV Baynounah TV Karameesh Rotana Masriya
Al Babelya BBC Karbala TV Rotana Music
Al Baghdadia 1 BBC Arabic KBC Algeria Roya
Al Baghdadia 2 BBC World Kidzinia RT Arabic
Al Bait Baitak Cinema Bedaya Kirkuk TV Rudaw TV
Al Dafrah Bein Movies HD 1 KNN Sada Al Balad
Al Danah Bein Movies HD 2 Kokky TV Sada Al Balad Drama
Al Diyar Sat Bein Movies HD 3 Kurdistan TV Sada Al Balad+
Al Djazairia TV Bein Sports 1 HD Kurdmax Pepule Safa TV
Al Ekhbaria Bein Sports 1 HD TS Kurdmax TV Sama Cinema 1
Al Eshragh Bein Sports 10 HD Kuwait Sport Sama Dubai
Al Etejah TV Bein Sports 10 HD TS Kuwait TV Sama TV
Al Falastiniah Bein Sports 11 HD Lana TV Samarraa TV
Al Fayhaa Bein Sports 11 HD TS Layaly Cinema Sat 7 Kids
Al Forat Bein Sports 12 HD LBC Sat Saudi 1
Al Ghad Al Araby Bein Sports 12 HD TS LDC Saudi 2
Al Hadath Bein Sports 2 HD Lebanon TV Saudi Channel 1
Al Hayat Bein Sports 2 HD TS Libya Alhrar Saudi Quran
Al Hayat Cinema Bein Sports 3 HD Libya Awalan Saudi Quran
Al Hayat Life Bein Sports 3 HD TS Libya News Channel Saudi Sport 1
Al Hayat Musalsalat Bein Sports 4 HD Libya Panorama Saudi SunnaH
Al Heddaf TV Bein Sports 4 HD TS Libyaa Turathiya Saudi Sunnah
Al Hiwar Ettounsi Bein Sports 5 HD LTC Sawt Alitra
Al Horreya Bein Sports 5 HD TS LTC Semsem
AL Hurra Iraq Bein Sports 6 HD M Tunisia Set El Beit
Al Iraqia 1 Bein Sports 6 HD TS Maghreb 24 TV Sharjah Sport
Al Iraqia 2 Bein Sports 7 HD Majan Sharjah TV
Al Iraqiya 3 Sports Bein Sports 7 HD TS Majd Sharqiya News
Al Iraqiya TV Bein Sports 8 HD Majestic Cinema Shbab TV14
Al Jadeed Bein Sports 8 HD TS Masr Al Arabia Shbab TV2
Al Janoubia TV Bein Sports 9 HD Massaya Sheba TV
Al Jazeera Bein Sports 9 HD TS Mazzika Sky News Arabia
Al Jazeera Documentary Beirut Cinema Mazzika Zoom Sout Masr
Al Jazeera English Belody Aflam MBC 1 Sout Masr
Al Jazeera Mubasher Belqees TV MBC 2 Spacetoon Arabic
Al Kahera Wal Nas Beur MBC 3 Star Academy
Al Kahera Wal Nas 2 Beur TV MBC 4 Star Aflam
Al Karma Bin Othaimeen MBC Action Star cinema 1
Al Kass One HD Blue Nile Channel MBC Bollywood Star Cinema 2
Al Kass Two HD Blue Nile TV MBC Drama Sudan TV
Al Khabar KBC Algeria Cairo Aflam MBC Masr Sudan TV
Al Maaref Cairo Cinema MBC Masr 2 Sumaria
Al Mada Cairo Comedy MBC Max Syria 18th March
Al Madeeh Cairo Drama MBC Pro Sports 1 Syria satellite TV
Al Magharibia Cairo Musalsalat MBC Pro Sports 2 Syrian Drama TV
Al Maghribia Cairo One TV MBC Pro Sports 3 Syrian Education
Al Majd Holy Quran Cairo Zaman MBC Pro Sports 4 Taha TV
Al Majd3 Canary TV MDC Tal2a Hendy
Al Manar TV Cartoon Network Arabia Medi1 TV Talaqie
Al Masar TV Al Oula CBC Mehwer Talaqie
Al Masriya CBC 2 Mekameleen Tamazight
Al Massar Al Oula CBC Drama Melody Classic Tawazon TV
Al Mayadeen TV CBC eXtra Melody TV Telvza TV
Al Mehwer TV CBC Sofra MESat TEN
Al Mustakila Cima Miracle TV Time Action
Al Mustakillah TV Cima Alibaba Misr El Balad Time Cinema
Al Nabaa TV Cima Metro Mix Time Comedy
Al Nahar Cinema 1 Mody Kids Time Drama
Al Nahar 2 Cinema 2 Moga Cinema Time Film
Al Nahar Al Youm Cinema Alwan Moga Comedy Time Quran
Al Nahar Drama Cinema Pro MTV Lebanon Time Taxi
Al Nahar Sport City 7 TV Music Al Hanen Time Turki
Al Najaf Channel CNA Naynawa Alghad TNN Tunisia
Al Nojaba TV CNBC Arabiya NBN Tobacts TV
Al Oula CNC Aflam NBN Toktok Aflam
Al Qiethara CNN Nessma Al Hamra Top Movies TV
Al Quds Coran TV Nessma TV Toyor Al Janah TV
Al Rafiden CTV Net TV Kurd TRT Arabic
Al Rahma TV Dabanga Sudan Nile Cinema TRT Kurdi
Al Rasheed Darbaka Aflam Nile Comedy Tunisia
Al Rayyan TV Darbaka Cinema Nile Culture Tunisia First TV
Al Resala Dewan 1 Nile Drama Tunisia Nat 1
Al Saeedah TV Dijla Nile Family Tunisia Nat 2
Al Sahraa Dolly Cinema Nile Life TV Tamazight
Al Sahraa 3 Dream 1 Nile News TV5
Al Seha Waljamal TV Dream 2 Nile News Universal Somali TV
Al Shaaer TV Dubai Drama Nile Sport UNRWA TV
Al Shareyyah Channel Dubai One Nile TV Velayat TV
Al Sharq Dubai Racing 1 Nogoum FM TV Vin TV
Al Sharqiya Dubai Sports 1 Noon TV Wanasah
Al Sumaria Dubai Sports 4 Noor Dubai West El Balad
Al Tanasuh TV Dubai Sports Channel Nour Al Sham WWE
Al Thakafeyia Dubai TV Nour Kids YEMEN SHABAB
Al Thawra Dubai Zaman Noursat Al Shabab Yemen Shbab
Al Turkmenia TV Dunya TV NRT 1 Yemen Today
Alaan TV Dunya TV Arabic NRT 2 Yemen TV
Alafasy DW-TV Arabia Numidia News TV Zagros
Alaskandria Dzair News Oman TV Zaytoona TV
Alasr TV Echourouk TV Oman TV Sport Zee Aflam
Aldanah Ennahar TV Algerie ONTV Zee Alwan
Alfarqadayn Eriteria TV ONTV Egypt Zee Living
Alfath Quran EuroNews ONTV Live Zweina Baladna
Alforat 2 EuroNews Arabic Orient
Algeria A3 Faraeen Oscar Drama
Algerie 3 Fashion One Oscar Hendi
Algerie 5 Fatafeat OSN Al Yawm
Alghadeer Fezzan TV OSN Disney Channel
Alhayat 2 FOX OSN Disney Junior

French Channels

TF 1 HD Canal + Series HD France 4 HD SyFy Universal HD
6TER HD D17 France 5 HD TVA
ARTE HD D8 France O W9
BFM HD France 2 HD M6 HD Weo
Canal + Cinema HD France 24 Paris Premiere HD  TMC
Canal + Family HD France 3 HD RTL ) HD  NT1
Canal + HD  NRJ12  23  Animaux
BFM HD  Canal Decale HD  Cine Famiz HD  Cine Frisson HD
Cine Premier HD Disney Junior HD  Nat Geo Wild HD  National Geographic
TV5 Monde  Ushuaia HD

Dutch Channels

Fox Life Npo 2 Rtl 5 Rtl 8
HBO HD NL Npo 3 Rtl 6 Veronica
Net 5 Rtl 4 Rtl 7
Npo 1

Portoguese Channels

Axn Rtp 2 Sportv 2 HD TV Cine 2
Benfica TV 1 HD Sic Sportv 3 TV Cine 3
Benfica TV 2 SIC noticias Sportv 4 TV Cine 4
Holliwood Sport TV Full Sportv 5 TVI
PFC Sporting TV TV Cine 1 TVI 24

Irish Channels

RTE One RTE Two Setanta Ireland TG 4
TV 3 Ireland

UK/USA Channels

ABC Action News Disney Channel UK HITN Sky Sci-Fi Horror
ABC News Disney Junior UK MLB Network HD Sky Select
ABC Spark DMAX Nat Geo UK Sky Showcase
AMC HD DTX HD Nat Geo Wild UK Sky Sports 1
Baby First TV E4 National Geographic HD Sky Sports 3
BandaMax ESPN 2 HD NBA TV HD Sky Sports 4
beIN Sport HD ESPN HD NBC Sports Network HD Sky Sports 5
Bloomberg Interactive TV ESPN U HD NFL Sky Sports F1
Boomerang ESPNews NFL Network HD Sky Thriller
Box Nation Fight Network HD NHL Network HD Sportsnet Ontario HD
Cartoon Network Fox sport 1 Setanta Sport Sportsnet World HD
Cartoon Network Fox Sports 1 Showtime East HD The Movie Channel West
CBS HD Fox UK Showtime Showcase The Movie Channel Xtra West
CNN SD Global TV BC Sky 1 TSN HD
Comedy Central Extra Global TV Montreal Sky 2 Univision TL Novellas
Comedy Central HD Golf Channel HD Sky Action USA Networkk
Comedy Central UK H2 Sky Atlantic VH-1 Classic
CP 24 Hallmark Channel Sky Comedy WWE Network
Discovery Channel HBO East HD Sky Drama WWE US
Discovery Channel HD HBO Latino Sky Family  Animal Planet
Discovery Family History 1 Sky Modern Greats  BBC Four
Discovery Home History HD Sky Premiere  BBC News
BT Sport 2 CBCEN CBS Drama  Chek
City Crime & Investigation CTV  CW
Dave Discovery History Discovery ID  Discovery Science
Discovery Shed Five Star Fox News  Fox van
Good Food Home ITV 1  ITV 2
ITV 3 ITV 4 ITV BE  Lifetime
Nick Junior Nickelodeon Nicktoons  Real Lives
SBS Sky Movies Disney TV5Van
Hindi/Urdu Channels
Angel TV Hum Europe Sony Sab Zee Madya Pradesh
ARY Digital Life OK Star Gold Zee Lamhe
ARY Zindagi Living foods Star Plus Zee Salaam
ARY QTV MK TV Tamil Ten Cricket Zee Classic
Alfa Masala TV Tamil Times Now Zee cinema
Astro Tamilaruvi UMP Movies ZEE Punjabi
Astro Vinmeen News18 ZEE Anmol ZEE Telugu
AAJ Tak PTC Punjabi ZEE Bangla cinema ZEE TV
B4U PTV Global ZEE Bollywood ZEE TV Canada
B4U Movies PTV Prime ZEE Bangla Zee Tamil
B4U Music Rishtey HD Zee News Zing
DM Global Sony Max Zee Marudahar UFX
DM Plus TV Zee Marathi
GEO News
Afghanistan Channels
Tolo News HD  Tolo HD  Lemar HD  Shamshad
1TV  Khurshid TV  Negah  Maiwand TV
Tamadon TV  Noor TV  AMC TV  Jahan TV
Hewad TV  Zhwandoon TV  Arezo TV  Mitra TV
Rah e farda TV  ATN News  ATN  RTA Afghanistan
ATV Afghanistan  3 Sport  Noorin TV  Kabul News TV
Parliament TV  Afghanistan 24 HD  RTA News  Watan HD
Babur TV  Maarif  Shamshad
Russian Channel
2×2 Eureka HD PEH TB TV 1000 Comedy HD
Amedia 1 Food Network Sony Sci-Fi TV 1000 Premium HD
Amedia 2 Fox HD Sony TB Viasat Explorer
Amedia Hit Fox Life Sony Turbo Viasat History
Amedia Premium HD Life TB 3 Viasat Nature
Animal Family HD JimJam THT Comedy МУЛЬТИМАНИЯ
Animal Planet HD Life News TiJi НАШЕ НОВОЕ КИНО
Cartoon Network Mama Traveler HD НТВ+ НАШЕ КИНО
CTC National Geographic HD TV 1000 НТВ+ ПРЕМЬЕРА
Discovery Channel HD Nickelodeon TV 1000 Action East РУССКИЙ ИЛЛЮЗИОН
Disney Channel Paramount Comedy
Turkish Channels
4 Eylul TV Dream Turk Kanal 7 Avrupa Show TV
A Haber Dream TV Kanal B Star TV
A Spor E2 Kanal D TarimTurk TV
A9 TV Ege TV Kanal T Tarz Moda TV
Ada TV ES TV Kibris_Genc_TV Tek Rumeli
Anadoluda Vuslat Euro D Kocaeli TV Top Pop TV
ANSTV Group Euronews Turkce Koy TV TRT 1
ASTV Evin TV KTV (Kibris) TRT 3 Spor
Azadi TV First TV MCTV TRT Belgesel
Bengu Turk TV Fox TV Turkey NTV Spor TRT Cocuk
Bereket TV Gaziantep Olay TV NTV Turkey TRT Haber
Best TV Genc Olay TV TRT Muzik
Beykent TV Haberaks TV One_Bal_TV TRT Okul
BRT Bayrak Aile Halk TV Planet Cocuk TRT Spor
BRT Bayrak Haber Hayat TV Planet Mutfak TRT Turk
Cartoon Network Turkish HILAL TV Planet Pembe TV 6
Cine 5 HRT TV Planet Turk TV1
CNBC-e IMC TV Power Turk TV TV8
Denge TV Kanal 3 POWER TV TVT
Disney Channel Turkish Kanal 33 Samanyolu Haber Ulusal Kanal
Diyalog TV Kanal 35 Semerkand TV Vatan TV
Viva TV
World Travel Channel
Xazar TV
Yurt TV
Zarok TV
German Channel
3Sat FOX NDR RTL Living
A&E Hale HD NDR HD RTL Nitro
ABN HR HD Orf 2 HD RTL Passion
Anixe Kabel Eins HD Orf Eins HD SAT 1 HD
ARD Kika HD Pro Sieben HD Sixx HD
Arte HD MGM Prosieben Fun HD Sky Bundesliga HD
ATV N TV HD Prosieben Maxx HD SKY Emotion HD
Classica Nat Geo RTL Crime SyFy HD
Das Erste HD Nat Geo Wild RTL HD ZDF HD
Disney XD   Viva Comedy Central

16 reviews for All Channels

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    It is working in Oman?!
    And, can i watch world cup 2018 by using easybox?!

    • Alexander

      Dear Sir

      Yes it’s working in Oman, you need to have internet speed of minimum 5 mbit.

      Yes you can watch Bein Sport 2018 World Cup.

      Delivery time to Oman are about 10 days with DHL express.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Mohamed Abdulkadir

    I’m from Belgium, Does the receiver have a Belgian channels?

    • Alexander

      Dear Mr. Mohamed

      We are planning to add Belgian channels soon. But now we don’t have them.

      Robert –

  3. Ali

    How about the payment is it annually or monthly

    • Alexander

      Hi Ali

      The renewal fee for our box are $100/year without Bein sports and $140/ year with Bein sports.

      / David –

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    جهاز جبار بمعني الكلمه

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    افضل الاجهزه والجهاز جميل

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    جيد و سهل الاستعمال

  7. Rated 4 out of 5


    جهاز جميل ورائع

  8. Zoirx


    i just wanted to ask does (Easybox maximum) work legally and well in Germany ?

    • Alexander

      Hello Sir

      We have lot of clients in Germany and it work very well. You just need 5 mbit internet speed.

      / Robert –

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent IPTV box with many sports channels.
    I highly recommended this TV box to my friends at work.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    جهاز ممتاز ذو أداء ثابت ومواصفات رائعة بسعر جيد

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    اندرويد مفتوح المصدر وتعامله سلس اشكر قوقل واشكركم على هذا الجهاز وسعره مميز

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    The octa core works perfect. It is fast in switching channels and playing my media files from USB stick.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very good box if you want to watch Bein sport HD and Arabic channels in good quality.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    I can watch Indian channel, English channels, German channels. All you want to watch you can find it in easybox

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought a box on your Ramadan offer and have told my family, my mom also want to buy one now. Can she get same offer?

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


    Best iptv box on the market. Lot of HD channels, I can watch Bein Sport HD also and 1000 other channels! Thank you!

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