Kurdish Filmmaker Hopes Oscar Award For ‘Bad Hunter’

35-year-old Sahim Omar Kalifa is the only Kurdish filmmaker who is shortlisted twice for best live action short film at the Oscars for his Bad Hunter movie which was funded by The Belgian government and the Kurdistan Region’s ministry of culture. It was produced by Belgian production company A Private View.

The movie Bad Hunter was broadcasted by cheap Arabic ZaapTV-like box in USA and JadooTV. It was selected from among 144 live-action short films. The movie also won several awards including awards at festivals in Montreal, Valladolid, Dubai, Australia, Los Angeles, London, New York and San Francisco.

Set in Zakho area of northern Iraq and recorded in Kurdish, the film tells the story of a hunter named Bahoz who witnesses a young woman been beaten by an older man. He chases the older man away and helps the woman to mend her clothes so that she can hide the incident from her family and society.

According to the filmmaker

Women in our society who become victims of beaten are doubly victimized by their families… If they physically survive the incident, the women won’t know how to survive the anger of a family.

But in the movie, the victim finds a great solution that will please the audiences and viewers.

Kalifa was also shortlisted for the Academy Awards for his another movie Baghdad Messi that tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who is obsessed with the Argentina-born footballer Messi who plays for the Barcelona Football Club. The movie got 60 prizes.


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