Irrfan Khan To Star Opposite Waheeda Rahman

Waheeda Rehman, a timeless beautiful Indian actress who is remarkable for her contributions to different genres of films from the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s, will act with the one of the most talented present stars Irrfan Khan who is also compared with Tom Hanks. So, do doubt these two talented face will give some extra-ordinary production.

Irrfan Khan is known not only in India but also through the world for his movies like

Irfan Khan  is very happy as he finds the rare opportunity to work with the most versatile actress. Irrfan Khan states

It’s like flash back merging into present.waheeda ji was not a heroine but a symbol of a perfect woman for me . It’s a privilege to work with the celliulode poetry ,She is playing my mother in law in song of scorpions.

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