First Satellite TV Channel For Muslim Kids

Iran has inaugurated the world’s first satellite channel for Muslim kids in English Language. The head of the Saba Company which owns the channel expresses their aims and objectives while launching the channel. He told that the channel was built with the objective to implement highest technology to proceed the publicity policies of religious centers. He also expresses that the original work of making the channel was started six years ago.

The company also successfully inaugurated their first TV channel for Muslim Kids in Arabic language in 2010 and they also launched their first channel for Muslim kids in Persian in 2012. These two channels gain enormous popularity. So, it can be guess that the third one will also be popular not only in the Arab world but also in the whole Muslim world as the language of the channel  is English.

The three channels will be watched in the world under the brand name Hod Hod (Hoopoe in English). Hod Hod is a colourful bird found in Afro-Eurasia and famous for its ‘crown’ of feathers. Hod Hod can be found in the best price Arabic IPTV channels box.


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