Easybox IPTV Service Recognized And Rewarded

“Amazing IPTV box. Clearly this is the best one! Very fast zapping, best picture quality!”

The above is the bold headline on testkingz.com after easybox.tv was awarded the Best IPTV Box Choice with the highest rating of 9/10. This award is in recognition of Easybox.tv leadership role in the provision of IPTV box in various languages including Turkish, English, German, Arabic, Greece, Portuguese, Kurdish, Persian, Indian, Pakistani, and Russian.

Easybox IPTV recognition and award is not surprising if one takes into consideration that the company has been in the forefront of good service and providing the most crystal clear IPTV picture and extra fast zapping that are hard to find anywhere else or among other IPTV box providers. What makes the award a notable one is that it comes from a widely recognized and authority site that rates all IPTV box service providers for the purpose of helping prospective customers and IPTV box enthusiasts to determine the best IPTV provider to choose. Many users come to testkings.com to check reviews and ratings as well as recommendation from the site before selecting a particular IPTV box. The site always makes accurate report and analysis based on the following:

  • Picture Quality
  • Extra Features
  • Zapping Time
  • Amount of Channels
  • Affordability
  • Stability

Examined on all the criteria above, Easybox.tv not only came first, but also won the award of best IPTV box for 2015. Easybox.tv journey to the top began in 2011 when it set out to provide the most enjoyable IPTV box that will be known for quality. Ever since, thousands of loyal customers can testify not only to the quality of picture and zapping being provided, but also the most affordable price for these various TV programs from different countries of the world.

Watching your favorite IPTV channels, no matter the country of your residence no longer pose any problem because Easybox.tv has made life more thrilling for immigrants and other people who just want to have fun watching TV programs from other lands and languages. As people say, “the sky is the limit.” But, to Easybox.tv, the sky is the starting point. We will continue to innovate, improve, and offer quality IPTV box the world has ever known and it is our hope that the award and recognition will boost our collective will and motivate us to continue to satisfy our numerous customers. Besides, we assure prospective customers of best service as far as IPTV box is concerned.

2015 has been a good year for Easybox.tv because it marks the year its hard work and innovations were rewarded. In the coming year, Easybox.tv could win more awards for IPTV box service and this will by no means surprising!