A Complete Overview Of The Easybox Maximus IPTV

A Complete Overview Of The Easybox Maximus IPTV

 Avoid all monthly bills and skip the satellite dish with the Easybox Maximus IPTV! The high quality Easybox Maximus provides instant access to the top channels and sports programming. When compared to the oversized dish, the Maximus IPTV is cheap, reliable and the picture quality is always impressive. Whether it rains or snows, the Easybox Maximus will also deliver a pleasant experience and the video quality will remain excellent!


Always Stable

 With the Easybox Maximus, you’ll enjoy rapid zapping and will experience no lag when switching between channels. Unlike other IPTV boxes, the Easybox does not have any buffering whatsoever! Experience the best Turkish dramas and American sports programming with the Maximus, without lag, buffering or crashes. There is no other IPTV box that offers the same stability as the Maximus!


No Buffering

 The Easybox Maximus relies on high-speed servers and uses load balancer technology to provide you with the best experience possible each and every time you switch on your television. Thanks to these features, Canadian clients will watch their channels using Canadian servers and vice versa. This ensures buffering is completely eliminated from the picture!


Foreign Channels Galore

 If you want to be able to watch the best foreign channels, you’ll want the Easybox Maximus IPTV. This particular IPTV box provides access to over 1000 channels, including Hotbird, Turksat, Badr, Hellassat, Galaxy, and Paksat! The channel offering is enormous and you can guarantee you’ll never run out of something entertaining to watch.


Ease Of Use

 Those that have no tech skills will adore the Easybox. With the Maximus IPTV, you’ll be able to access thousands of channels instantly. Only thing that is needed is access to a 2 Mbps down speed compatible Internet connection. Deciding what to watch can be a little difficult however.


Installation Is Easy!

 Installing the Easybox Maximus IPTV is straightforward and easy! In fact, you’ll be able to get the box up and running in just 3 easy steps. Plug in the power cord, connect the LAN cable and connect the box to your television with an HDMI cord. Now, turn on the Maximus box and enjoy the experience!


A Big Winner At A Low Cost

 The Easybox Maximus IPTV offers more channels than any other IPTV box or satellite provide. It is truly the world’s best IPTV box yet it is affordable. Simply pay a $140 renewal fee to help cover maintenance costs and server upkeep. The fee is minor and much less than what others require. This is the main reason the Maximus was named the best IPTV box by TestKingz.com!


Easybox Lovers Everywhere

 It is no coincidence the Easybox has been named the world’s best IPTV service. To date, over 120,000 Easybox Maximus units have been sold. Clients throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries have experienced the Maximus and have made the product the top IPTV box on the planet. In fact, the Maximus has received massively favorable reviews on eBay and Amazon.


Reliable Customer Service

When you invest in the Easybox Maximus, you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving a great product, which is backed up by a knowledge, reliable, and responsive customer service team. Customer support is always available and representatives are always happy to lend a helping hand.


Reasons To Buy The Easybox Maximus IPTV

  • Beautiful picture quality and many HD channels
  • Faster zapping than other IPTV boxes
  • Load balancing technology and high-speed servers ensure you connect to the nearest server, so buffering is always eliminated
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Access over 1,000 channels, such as Hotbird, Astra, Badr, Hellassat, and Galaxy
  • World’s best rated IPTV box, as supported by clients in Australia, Canada and America
  • Incredibly popular on eBay and Amazon
  • Time shifting allows viewers to watch foreign language channels in their time zones
  • Works with Kodi and YouTube
  • Powerful software, the best hardware and Android OS makes the Maximus IPTV box the easiest IPTV serve to install and use
  • Super fast high-speed Wi-Fi


Highly Rated By Customers

 The Easybox Maximus IPTV has become one of the top sellers on eBay and Amazon. Previous customers were incredibly satisfied and they’ve helped to make the Maximus one of the must-have entertainment items of the year!


Extremely Affordable

 Easybox Maximus is extremely affordable, so much so that it virtually pays for itself. With your purchase of the Easybox Maximus, you will receive a 1-year subscription. At the end of the first year and thereafter, you will need to recharge your account, by paying an additional $140. This fee is for our high-speed servers and ensures you that you will continue to receive high-quality service, without buffering or downtime.

If you are ready to turn your ordinary TV time into a magical world of live entertainment, you need to become an Easybox customer. You will gain access to an unlimited array of live Pakistanian, English, French, Dutch, Russian, and Kurdish Channels. Of course, this is only the beginning of your journey with the Easybox Maximus IPTV box. You can navigate through 1,000 live TV channels and select a few from the list to add to your “favorites”. What else could you ask for?