Bahman Ghobadi Talks About His Film “Turtles Can Fly”

Bahman Ghobadi Talks About His Film “Turtles Can Fly”

At a Toronto film festival, the director of “Turtles Can Fly” recaps with a reporter about the events surrounding his film. Bahman Ghobadi comments that he went to Iraq two weeks after the war and he just happened to bring a camcorder along with him to shoot various scenes.

After arriving back in his hometown and reviewing the footage, he knew that he had something special and wanted to share it with the world. This is when he decided to return to the country and begin filming. The filming of the movie was very dangerous and conducted under strenuous circumstances.

Bahman stated that although the government of Barzani provided him with 20 bodyguards, he was scared that at any moment bombs or guns were going to erupt. He feels fortunate that the bodyguards were able to remain with him throughout the entire filming of the movie.

He also went on to say that something truly amazing happened to him after making this film. He said that he truly never loved a movie that he done before, until now. The subject of the movie was supposed to be about the Kurdish adults, but when Bahman saw so many children with desperations, he could not help but turn the movie towards their destitute. All of the children’ lives and schools were destroyed during the Persian War, leaving them feeling hopeless and drained. The film really tries to capture this devastation and no one is more affected than the youth.

However, he goes on to state that he believes that these are not children anymore, because the war forced them to grow up way too soon. This is truly a captivating film that must be seen.