Al Ghad Al Arabi – The First Private News Channel In Cairo

Al Ghad Al Arabi (streaming by our best buy ZaapTV-like box in USA) is the first private news channel in Egypt. The TV channel  Al Ghad Al Arabi started broadcasting in 2013 from London and creates production facilities in Cairo Media City in September, 2015. They build a full-fledged 24/7 News channel instead of building a production center. The channel’s strategy was to re-launch Al Ghad Al Arabi as 24 hour news channel and the main broadcast would be from Cairo Media City.

Al Ghad Al Arabi is  aiming to deliver news with a modern and fresh perspective and to be the source of informing our viewers , not misleading them. The channel had a very aggressive approach to re-scope , re-structure and transforms Cairo Media Studios to suit the new requirements, in addition to designing and building a world class facility.

The team of Al Ghad Al Arabi has faced a lot of challenges to launch the channel in Cairo as El Hakeem who managed the entire project, informs that the project came with a very strict timeline and budget. According to him the real challenge was to deliver Arabic TV solutions for multiple locations in Cairo, Beirut and London.

Finally, it can be said that the channel have almost all the qualities to be a good news channel including a great trained journalist team.


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