Akshay Kumar: ‘Airlift’ Will Make You Proud Indian

Airlift, a 2016 Indian war thriller film directed by Raja Krishna Menon, and starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur , is based on the true story of a massive evacuation of Indians during the Iraq-Kuwait war in1990 .

When Iraq attacks Kuwait in August, 1990 , a businessman becomes the spokeperson for more than 170,000 stranded countrymen. The film portrays the story from the point of view of Akshay’s character, a Kuwait-based  businessman who helped Indians get airlifted from Kuwait. The poster of the film suggests – 1,70,00 refugees, 488 flights, 59 days and one man.

In Twitter Akshay wrote

@AirliftFilm, a true story that will make you #ProudToBeIndian! #Jan22.

The film was theatrically released on 22 January 2016, with an international premiere being held on 21 January. It earns an estimated budget of 223.56 crore or approximately $33 million.

Source: Best ZaapTV alternative review in USA

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